Force-Sensing Table Technology

Parker University is pleased to announce the integration of the Force Sensing Technology Tables into the core technique curriculum labs. These tables represent the latest in precision technology and are an important pedagogical tool....Continue Reading

The Parker Experience in Las Vegas

Take a glimpse of what happened in Las Vegas...Continue Reading

School of Health & Sciences Graduation Reception - April 2015

Congratulations to the School of Health & Sciences class of April 2015. We are go proud of you...Continue Reading

Alumni Social Hour in Plano - April 2015

Check out these photos from our alumni event at the Keg...Continue Reading

School of Massage Therapy Dinner March 2015

Alums and students had an amazing time connecting with one another at the SMT dinner...Continue Reading

Dr. Frank Means '93 spread the ‘gospel’ of chiropractic on a recent mission trip to the Amazon River

Before leaving on a recent church-led mission trip to several remote villages along the Amazon River. Dr. Frank Means (DC, ’93) admits he was a little concerned that he might not have too many people to treat. “Just because they’d never, ever heard of chiropractic,” he explains...Continue Reading

Parker University Partnering with the Arthritis Foundation

On May 9th, 2015 Parker University will be partnering with the Arthritis Foundation to co-sponsor the Walk to Cure Arthritis. This historic partnership with the Arthritis Foundation and Parker University will benefit the university, the association, the profession and most importantly those who suff...Continue Reading

Representing Parker University At TCA Mid-conference

Tran Pham and Fred Miller represented Parker University at the Mid-Winter Texas Chiropractic Association conference in Lubbock, TX...Continue Reading

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Champion Nastia Liukin to Compete on "Dancing with the Stars"

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Champion Nastia Liukin to Compete on "Dancing with the Stars"...Continue Reading
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